custom wood doors

Solid Wood Interior Doors: One of the Most Applied Door Types

It is no doubt that solid wood interior doors design is one of the most selected door designs. There are so many factors that involve in the popularity of solid wood door design. The most important thing about is that people start to see door as one of the most important part of their housing design because it has been very long time since door see as one of the […]

diy laminate flooring

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo Laminate Flooring

Nowadays, the use of bamboo has become more popular. Bamboos sticks have been converted into various household items including chairs, tables, beds, bowls, plates, and also bamboo laminate flooring. More and more people switch from the hardwood flooring into bamboo flooring. If you are thinking of changing into the same type of flooring, then you need to learn both the advantages and disadvantages first. The benefits of bamboo laminate flooring […]

stoll fireplace doors

Glass Fireplace Screen to Bring a Different Touch for Fireplace

Among those choices of glass fireplace screen, you will definitely find one of them that will suit your living room. This kind of detail or accessory for fireplace will provide a significant touch for your fireplace that you might not find previously. It is how you can bring a different touch for your fireplace with glass fireplace screen free standing that comes in various designs. For more references of this […]

coffee tables sets

Gorgeous Round Wood Coffee Table for Amazing Living Room

As we all know, there are many coffee table models you can choose to complement your living room interior design. However, have you ever considered the round wood coffee table? If you have not yet, you definitely need to give it a try. In fact, there are many styles you can try out to make your living room more interesting to look at without sacrificing the functionality. You can opt […]

vegetable garden design

DIY Raised Garden Beds: The Tutorial

When spring is near, you surely will need to refresh your home garden to make your home exterior more attractive under the warm sunlight in spring season. Thus, what about building your own raised garden beds? Since they are easy to make, today we prefer to help you with a brief tutorial for DIY raised garden beds. In fact, the raised landscaping beds are not only easy, but also can […]

ideas for a painting

Some Gorgeous Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

It can be a hard task to choose between painting and staining the kitchen cabinets. For something with modern look, opt for painted cabinets. There are many advantages behind this choice. You will get tidy and nice kitchen ambience. You have various color choices. You can also mix and match the colors to follow the kitchen theme. Once you are bored with the color, you can change it with another […]

msi tile

Travertine Floor Tile: The Flooring Treatment

There are so many tile types that you can apply in your home design and one of them is the travertine floor tile. You have to know that floor is one of the largest design elements in space decoration and therefore the successfulness of its design will significantly affect the quality of the whole space decoration. That is the reason why you need to carefully select the element that will […]

luminaire lighting

The Dining Room Light Fixture Composition

Take right composition detail for lighting in the room will bring special art result in the room. In the other side, you can also get perfect consideration for perfect composition in all the room decoration proportion. Do not forget that all detail in the room combination will bring specific effect in the end of all the process. In more concern, dining room light fixture idea can really be a good […]

solyx films

The Decorative Window Film Ideas and Art

Feel bored with the usual room condition in the house? Want to put special detail in the art composition? Then decorative window film idea can really be a good option for you and your family. This kind of window decoration concept will totally bring special touch for the atmosphere of the room. Then, in more detail, you can also get right consideration in all art specification that you in the […]

warm living room colors

Color Schemes for Living Room That Pop in 2015

In 2015, there are color schemes for living room which will pop beautifully. First is the Greek blue and light grey. If you want to create a real modern living room, then go with color scheme for living room which defines modern beauty with bold dark Greek blue and the subdued light grey which create a balanced and sensational nuance. With this color combination, the living room looks catchier for […]